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Turtle | Unleashed 1.1.5 | MyTown | No Grief | SignShop | Economy | Limited Slots - small community

Unleashed 1.1.5 Economy No whitelist community turtle ftb mytown

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  • IGN:magic465
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Hi, guys!


It's magic465, an owner of a small community server run on FTB : Unleashed 1.1.5 - Turtle.


Please read through the text (or at least the last few IMPORTANT parts) for a better server experience!


The server is finally open publicly! The server is protected with some mods and plugins. They protect both FTB and vanilla from griefing. There might be few glitches and bugs. If you find any of them, please report them to me.


Due to the small RAM size of 5GB, the server cannot support many people. So it will only be a small community server until a server upgrade is affordable.


Banned items are listed on the notification board in the server.


All banned items found in the chests cannot technically used but can be sold to the admin shop for a good price.


For each mod, I will prepare "kit" command for basic tools to start. You can start in the server easily (when publicly open)!





Location: Germany (good for Europe and the US East Coast)


Rules: Respect - No Backstabbing - No Griefing - Responsibility


For any additional rules, see the spawn board in game.


All mods except of "Death Timer" are enabled! (you should have 126 mods active)


See you in the game!










This server does not and will not have Essentials. However, AdminCMD and few other plugins replace the functions of Essentials. Therefore, you can still find the user commands with /help. Only some necessary commands are assigned for the users (default group). However, if you think the server needs a command that is definitely worth having as a user then talk to me in any ways you want and I will consider it.


Use converters to change from/to EU to/from MJ.


Use Signshop plugin to create your buy or sell shops and protect your chests with Lockette, well-adjusted to FTB Unleashed!


Use the leather armor set in the kit "battleset" with Force Rod to make a Force armor set.


Use Mytown commands to secure your land. Co-operate with others to establish a town!


***IMPORTANT: There is a corrupted file in Unleashed 1.1.5: Natura


Please read through this instruction to fix your 1.1.5.


1. Download "Natura_1.5.2_2.1.5.1.jar" from the link below.




2. Search on your Windows: %appdata%

and go to Unleashed\minecraft\mods


3. Place the downloaded file in the folder. When you are warned that there is a file with the same name, replace the file with the downloaded file.


4. Now you can start FTB Unleashed 1.1.5!

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