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Server Stops Spawning Mobs


mannon's Photo mannon 07 Jul 2013

I run a dinky little private server so my girlfriend and I don't have to play on public ones.


My problem is that mobs eventually stopped spawning on it. It took a while for this to happen at first. I've done lots of research and thought it could be lots of things even just the server lagging, or because at one point I reduced the view distance in server.properties, or that it might have been due to me adding mystcraft and/or damage indicators to our Yogcraft server.


However... rolling back all those things did nothing. I went so far as to copy our world into a fresh install of the server and nothing. There aren't any really laggy things on our world either. We haven't built much more than a house and a few machines, half of which are actually stuck in chests right now instead of running.



BUT, I can get it working again. No change to the configs or anything. All I do is shut it down and rename our world so when I fire it up again it builds a new one. Then I log in once, shut down, and revert it back to our world. Boom... We have mobs spawning again! The only problem is it's temporary. The mobs stop spawning again pretty soon and will only spawn from spawners after that. No normal mobs spawning. Monster spawners still work, wisps still spawn from flux, and I think creatures still spawn in Twilight Forest and The Nether, but none of the normal night/dark spawning mobs in the overworld. I'm not 100% sure about TF and Nether. TF could be just spawners and Nether mobs might just be persisting rather than spawning.




It's very boring.


Any clue why this is happening and how to prevent it? Or at least an easier way to fix it when it does? Perhaps deleting level.dat would be an easier fix? I'll try it next time.


I haven't bothered to copy my configs because they seem pretty irrelevant. It happens even with default configs generated by running the Yogcraft server and never editing them. The only modifications to the server that we still have are Mystcraft and Damage Indicators, but again, I've tried without them and it's the same.


Yes the server is slow, but it's fast enough to spawn mobs for a while and then it just won't anymore. Restarting the server has no effect.



Thank you,

-Mannon Martin


PS. My apologies if this has been asked and answered before. I turned up nothing here in my search and my research so far has only led to things I have eliminated by trial and error such as the reduced view distance thing. I don't know why generating a new world then reverting fixes it when simply copying our world to a virgin server install does not. Logging into the generated world also seems to be necessary as if I just shut down and revert after generating it does nothing. *shrug*


mannon's Photo mannon 07 Jul 2013

Okay... Take it back. I'm not so sure that get's mobs spawning or just copies them over from the freshly generated world or something. More investigating...


Still, any help would be appreciated.




mannon's Photo mannon 07 Jul 2013

No it really does spawn mobs after I "fix" it. Looks like I have to do a virgin install (but with our mods added), generate a world, login, then shut down and lobotomize the new world for our world and viola... it works... for a while.


Kahless61's Photo Kahless61 08 Jul 2013

The other guys here might be more knowledgeable, but I just thought I'd throw in my two cents of what I do know in case it might help.


First off, in vanilla, there is a mob cap, although I don't believe it applies to spawners. I'm not sure what kind of advanced mob mechanics you are doing in you game, or if you're still running around trying to find iron, but if you're using soul shards or MFR to spawn mobs, or if you're camping within 30 blocks of a spawner, that *may* be contributing to the mob cap (or I could be spouting bullshit).


There are a few little tests you can do, just to investigate/alleviate the problem:

1) Press F3 and look at the E: ## as you look around (especially down at the ground in various directions). This is the Entity count, as mobs are considered entities, so if you see the number spike, it indicates that you may have a large collection of mobs in one area (wherever you're pointing), possibly a spawner.

2) Check that your game did not get put in Peaceful mode by accident. It happens. Brush it off.

3) While experiencing the problem, you can try setting the game to peaceful for a few seconds, and then setting it back to normal again. This will clear all hostile mobs and free up the mob cap, so you should see mobs spawning for a little while again. This can be a temp fix, if it's not too annoying, until you figure out what the root of the problem is.


71011345's Photo 71011345 20 Aug 2013

hey everyone, I'm running a private mindcrack FTB with some friends. we have the problem with no mobs spawning for along time now. we can "repair" it for 24-48 hours if somebody "walks" to the original spawn area. after that mobs are spawning all over the world for some time. today I learned some very interesting things, though.


first, our world is pretty big meanwhile, we are constantly hanging around at least 1000 blocks away from the original spawn area. now the thing is, the original spawn area and lots of chunks around it seem to be constantly loaded chunks on the server! if you have the chickenchunks mod you can type in /chunkloaders in the client chat and get a second window opening that shows all the areas loaded and by whom. if you move away from an area and it stays red, its still loaded....


second, i opened our world in mcedit today. it drops you right at the original spawn area when opening the world. from there I zoomed out and realised a red line around the edge of the constanly loaded chunks around the spawn. which I earlier realised in /chunkloaders. the line consisted of hundrets of single red blocks, each representing one wisp! I selected a small part of the "line" with the selection tool and clicked "analyse" that showed 558 wisp entities for the selected area.


third, I wanted to get rid of all the wisp but as far as I googled, there is no easy way to do it, like with a server command or something. (didn't try kahless method)

so I zoomed out even more and selected the whole area that contained red dots from ground level to about 100 blocks higher maybe. in sum a whole island surrounded by water. using the selection tool gave me a "remove all entities" button, that is supposed to delete any mob any lying around items. I clicked it and waited for the result. took about 20 seconds to load. every single wisp gone!


from here I saved the changes to the world, started the server again and saw.... mobs are spawning again! I didnt check for how long, since all this just happend 20 minute ago.


editing the world only modified three files. level.dat in the world folder, r.0.0.mca and r.0.1.mca in the world/region folder. checked that using totalcmd folder synch with a backup copy.

ALWAYS DO A BACKUP of your world before modifying it. should be needless to say ;)


rounding all this up, mcedit is really helpfull in idetifying such problem. red squares are not good. yellow squares by the way seem to be good ;)

I guess it would make sense to "move" the original spawn area to the area we are always hanging around at, so the wisp spawn there and we can kill them. as far as I learned mcedit can manage that. I will try it out tomorrow.


maybe that helps somebody. I for my part am searching all the threads since weeks and we already invested lots of time in experimenting with not using portalguns, chunkloading the spawn (as going there fixes the problem for a time), and other stuff. but nothing ever brought us mobs back, yet.


timrem's Photo timrem 21 Aug 2013

If you can find a way to delete or move any nodes from the chunkloaded spawn area, that should prevent wisp spawning, and keep mobs spawning elsewhere, I'd think.


ZL123's Photo ZL123 21 Aug 2013

If you can find a way to delete or move any nodes from the chunkloaded spawn area, that should prevent wisp spawning, and keep mobs spawning elsewhere, I'd think.

This, because Wisps don't usually spawn a lot at the spawn just because it's spawn. There must be some flux or a wisp spawner.


Iamtk421's Photo Iamtk421 22 Aug 2013

You've probably got a Thaumcraft Barrow with an evil node in it that is spawning the wisps within the loaded area. It sounds like there are a few options:

  1. Try changing the world spawn coordinates using MCEdit
  2. You could probably build a box around the node and put a tesla coil there to kill them
  3. Plant silverwood saplings nearby and use them to purify the evil node (I'n not sure how this works)
  4. Use crystals to move the node out of the chunkloaded area (again I'm not sure how this is done exactly)

71011345's Photo 71011345 23 Aug 2013

hey again! just checked in on the sever and I can confirm we finally have stable mobspawning for 2 days! thats the longest since weeks. also the servers constant cpu load went down from over 80 to about 50 %. realy nice!

the solution after all was moving the spawn away from its original location. I did not search for an evil thaumcraft node but to me its the most logical explanation.
the moving process with mcedit was totally easy, there is a button in the toolbar for it. only the level.dat gets modified, so its easy to update the servers world folder.

I'm happy this odyssey is finally over ;) thanks for all the hints and ideas on the way, here and in all the other threads about this topic.